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I help Engineers, Traders and Managers to enjoy and grow in a competitive environment

Business & Life Coaching

Do you want to know more about Self-Confidence?

About me

Hi there, I'm Damien Valdenaire, passionate & Coach

I have more than 20 years business experience in a Major Oil Company and I developed my passion for coaching with trainings and practice since 2018.

My professional career, life, and hobbies have not always been full of success and smiles. I’d get frustrated, shy, lose my confidence, doubt and not show up the best version of myself.

… but it did not stopped me, and I’ll teach you these tools that I’ve learned from the best Master coach instructors.

Want to know EXACTLY HOW to improve your performance, feel better and thrive with your passion this year?​

I offer 1:1 coaching for people having a strong desire to do and achieve something  in their life.
The coaching program I’ve developed will massively increase your confidence and will teach you how to manage your brain. You’ll then be in a position to:

  • learn how to achieve success,
  • have a clarity of thinking,
  • develop and rely on your intuitions, and
  • improve relationships with others and yourself.

Does that sound familiar?

There are so many ideas, so many things that you “should do” and theories on how to behave. It all just becomes noise.

It can be hard to take it all in, stay motivated and enjoy your job.

The reality is that you are not progressing as you wish in this environment, even though you believe that you should or that you could.

I am a coach and I am about tacking action, proposings tools for you and delivering accountability, focus and structure.


Here what my Clients say ...​

Your story

You want the

You are devoting a lot of your time for your career, you have some strong desires to get the best out of your life.
Let’s uncover what you really want and build your path:

  • Reduce the stress level, even in the high stake situation,
  • Be interesting and truly self-confident,
  • take the decision which will shape your life,
  • earn more money.

I’ll give you the tools that will serve you best, you’ll apply them in your own and unique circumstances.