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I'll challenge you to become a better version of yourself

I'm an experienced engineer in Industry and Business, Life & Business Coach, speaker, and passionate about sport and well-being. I'm dedicated to developp and achieve my true desires, as well as for my clients.

I’ve lived a life filled with determination, a strong desire to achieve more, not being satisfied with an easy life. I did things without knowing it was difficult, being focused on the next step. I’ve learned by showing up, by doing it. I realized later on that learning by experience is great for confidence, but takes a long time … 

Now, I know that they are shortcuts, this is want I want to offer to you. I know as well that just intellectual knowledge does not work, it’s necessary but not sufficient. You’ve already consumed a lot of content, without getting the benefit you were expecting, isn’t it? Practical and individual application is key, this is why I deeply believe in the effectiveness of 1:1 coaching.

I’m an engineer by trade with more than 20 years career for an Oil Major  in the refining industry.

Back in 2018 I started to build my passion for coaching, and I took the same approach as training for competition: with dedication, discipline, and ambitious goals.

Passionate about sports, I was a competitor in karate (2nd Dan), running, football, rowing, squash, tennis. I did it for the physical benefit, individual challenge and performance. It was one of the path to get to know myself better.

Another important thing for you to know, all what I’ll offer to you as teaching tools or to practice, I’ve experienced on myself. I have my routines as well for self coaching and I’m getting coached by Master Certified coaches.

This is why I love working with people like you

You’ve already been successful, both professionally and in your private life. But what brought you here, will not bring you there, to your next level.

You’ll have to change, to grow, to evolve. Before that, understand what you want, your true desires … what are you really looking for? What is your purpose in life?

You have the most powerful and efficient tool that has ever been invented, your brain. It will bring you there.

Building confidence to really understand what is going on, this is the challenge that I love to pursue with my clients.

How I work with Clients

I’m listening deeply to adapt the content of the program and offer guidance or perspective to the client when it is appropriate to do so.

The process is step by step, rigorous and I put some flexibility to be more relevant for each the client, because you are unique. At the end of each session you’ll receive by email a summary and what to do until the next session.

You are never alone on your evolution path.

My Skills

More than 20 years experience during which I was dedicated to maximize my potential in life

Business & Life Coaching
Business Experience
Personal development
Motivation to help you

This is probably the right time for you.

This is where you continue to develop your full potential.

For your career, life or passion, you desire more, you must first get the right tools.

No one grows when things are comfortable, we grow when we are challenges.

Are you ready to believe in yourself?

My personal development

I've learned from the best Coach, Mentor and Teacher

My objective has always been to look for excellence and get the maximum out of any experience. 

I applied the same for coaching,  I’ve applied the same with coaching, finding the best reference, going to the source of the knowledge.

Then, integrating the relevant tools and technics, I developed unique programs which are best suited for Engineers, Managers and Traders in the Energy industries. 

I’m Certified sport mental coach from  “Coaching” (France) and Certified Business, Life and weight loss coach from “The Life Coach School” (US).

I’ve studied many US authors, especially Tony Robbins.